Masters Capstone Project

 As part of the Masters in Public Health (MPH) program, I have to present and defend my thesis as a final graduation project. I will present my research and defend my Thesis in April, 2018. I will add the proposal and other findings as I work on them. I'd love for you to journey with me...

The preliminary concept behind the research is to look at Neurological pathways associated with movement. Looking at peoples' neurological pathways after undergoing trauma to be able to compare a baseline to the control. Specifically looking at women between the age of 18-34 who have undergone trauma in the past two years. The comparison of neurological activity in people undergoing movement therapy versus people who are undergoing more traditional forms of therapy, following trauma, will reveal more about therapy's effect on trauma patterns.

I posit that people undergoing movement therapy exhibit changes in their pathways, indicating the healing process is quicker, or at the very least the same as people undergoing more traditional forms of therapy. 


I often feel that research goes over people's heads, and for this research in particular, I did not want that. Due to limited support from my  institution, I was unable to complete the project, how I wanted to. However I was able to create a really cool program based on the research and I intend to still look at neurological activity in the future as mentioned above. As a neurosurgeon, I'm sure, I'll have plenty opportunity to do so. Please see the attached program proposal below, based on the research and the poster that was used in my presentation.