Approaching First Hell Week

HELL WEEK: They happen for a week, once a month, for every month in the semester. Somehow the universe of academia is against you. SURPRISE!!! You have papers, exams, group assignments all due within hours and days of each other. Followed by a week where you fall behind, because you try to recuperate from having no sleep and working on assignments and preparing for exams. Then the next two weeks are smooth, only for the cycle to start again after those two weeks. 

This is a unique semester for me. I have one class online, one three hour class in person (I struggle to be attentive in a 3 hour programming course, which I will talk more about later in this post!!!), and my thesis project, which essentially is an independent study course. But it's a challenge to manage sometimes.

 So the programming course, the languages being used are Python and SQL (which I haven't used in at least a year. YIKES. ) used inside of a mapping application (ARC GIS) used in many different fields but for the purpose of my course, we are looking at health data. But I really enjoy the challenge of having to figure out how to make something work. It's like building lego's when I was little, like I know I can do it, but figuring out how is the time consuming part frustrating and rewarding all in the same breath. 

So today, I wanted to wake up at 7, and get some reading done before going to Ballet. That didn't happen, I heard the alarm, but was wayyyy too tired to actually get out of the bed, so I let it ride. I went to Ballet this morning, and then came to Octane Coffee Shop in Grant Park, this is a great place to study by the way. I've been here since 12:30 trying to get this map to work, it's 4. 

STATUS UPDATE: I was able to build the map and half of the data works, but the join isn't working because for some reason, my data isn't clean. The application is super sensitive to symbols. But it doesn't have any symbols in it 😩. Soooo I'm taking a break, and I'm going to come back to it with fresh eyes after I finish dancing tonight. 

That's one class, my Minority Health class is pretty interesting, and easy to manage. A lot of group work though, considering that it's an online class. One thing, I've learned through this Master's is that group work is very hit or miss. Sometimes you get a great group and you work well together, but most times, you get a terrible group, where people have no work standards and ummmm for me that just doesn't work because I'm not okay putting my name on trash. But I digress. 

My capstone project, it feels a little bit like my baby. I'm building it from the ground up, which has been a dream of mine since I was pretty little, so although it's exhausting, daunting, and rewarding all in the same breath, the underlying feeling of excitement remains. You all should check out my research tab to see what it's all about. But the idea of taking something that I'm interested in, and developing a hypothesis, and then devising a plan on how to strategically prove my hypothesis, I must say, is freaking AMAZING! 

The whole being attentive thing! Y'all I have the attention span of like a 5 year old kid. BUT I know that about myself, so I know how to hold my own attention, at least most of the time lol. But if you've ever taken a class with me, you will see me taking notes on everything, with about 100 different colored pens on my desk. Taking good attentive notes saves me, but they have to look good, so that why I always have a billion colors. IF they're not organized and neat, the chance that I will ever look at them again is slim to none. But by having good notes, if my attention zones out at some point, which it almost always does, I have my notes laid out that when I look back, it's like I never missed a beat. So there you have it, that's my note takin secret and why I'm so anal about notes, notebooks, colored pens, and stationary lol! It's important to me. 

Alright, I'd love to keep talking about this, but I have some errands to run before dance class, and then an assignment to get back to, so I'd better get to it.


Signing Off-

Kyla J